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The team

Kountcho Trifonov, MD, MBA

Dr. Kountcho Trifonov brings over two decades of comprehensive experience in leadership roles within the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors. With a solid foundation as the General Manager of a biopharmaceutical company, Organon Bulgaria (1997-2003), and an extensive tenure spanning fourteen years as General Manager of a healthcare and pharmaceutical sector servicing company, IMS Bulgaria (2003-2017), Dr. Trifonov has demonstrated astute leadership and industry expertise.

In addition to his corporate leadership, Dr. Trifonov served as an Assistant Professor in Internal Medicine for six years (1991-1997), contributing significantly to academia while fostering a comprehensive understanding of clinical practice.

Dr. Trifonov’s core strengths encompass the adept management of intricate consulting projects, extensive handling of data-centric initiatives, streamlining client servicing outsourcing processes, and driving enhancements in sales force effectiveness through strategic consulting. Notably, Dr. Trifonov’s recent focus has delved into digital healthcare and in-depth utilization of digital communication tools within the pharmaceutical industry, showcasing a commitment to advancing healthcare through innovative means.

Vyara Staneva

Vyara Staneva is a PR specialist with experience in communication activities, working on communication projects and organizing public events and conferences.
She has 5 years of experience as a journalist and an expert in the field of communications. Four of them have been devoted to issues in health care. She is also familiar in details of the social sector processes.
Between August 2017 – January 2018 she was a part of the team which was working on the preparation and organization of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU 2018 in the “Communication and Press Center”.
She graduated “Bulgarian Philology” with a Bachelor’s degree at the Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski” in 2012, followed by a Master’s degree in “Journalism, Production and Finance in the Media” at the University of finance, business and enterpreneurship.

Anna Bothinova

Anna Botinova stands as a seasoned Public Relations expert, boasting extensive experience in media coverage and communication within the healthcare domain. She holds a prominent position among Bulgarian journalists, specializing in medicine and healthcare. Over two decades, she served as a reporter and editor at a major daily newspaper, dedicating her focus to health insurance matters right from its inception in the country. During her tenure, she played a pivotal role in crafting the inaugural specialized health supplement within Bulgaria’s daily press. Her professional portfolio also encompasses adept coverage of pertinent social issues. Anna graduated from St. Climent Ochridski University, earning a degree in journalism with a specialization in Print Media.

Nadia Dimitrova

Sales Specialist

Nadia Dimitrova, MBA, brings a robust background in advertising sales within print lifestyle media. She played a pivotal role in formulating strategies for positioning and launching a British lifestyle magazine, along with orchestrating and overseeing TV competitions licensed by men’s editions of Attica Eva. Her responsibilities encompassed managing TV advertising sales as well. In 2006, she initiated and successfully executed a specialized premium retail chain project, subsequently serving as its Commercial Director until 2009. Nadia’s professional journey spans diverse sectors, including substantial involvement with international financial institutions like the World Bank.

Educationally, Nadia Dimitrova holds a degree from the English Department of Industrial Engineering at the Technical University of Sofia, and she completed an MBA in Marketing at the City University of Seattle.”

Zeynep Havaliova

Healthcare communication specialist

Zeynep Havaliova is a seasoned healthcare communication specialist, specializing in cultivating and nurturing relationships with key partners of hospital medical care executives. Leveraging her extensive healthcare background, Zeynep has garnered profound insights into hospital operations through hands-on experience in an O&G ward. In addition, she brings valuable experience from the pharmaceutical industry. Zeynep is characterized by a strong business acumen, coupled with a disciplined work approach and a tenacious commitment to achieving set objectives. Her expertise lies in the realm of successful hospital communication with partners, a pivotal component for establishing a robust hospital ecosystem. Zeynep’s proficiency in this domain positions her as an expert in fostering strategic connections within the healthcare industry.

Raya Dimitrova

Despite being just 21 years old and a recent addition to our team, Raya Dimitrova has been immersed in PR environments since childhood, particularly drawn to the realm of healthcare. Concurrent with her role here, she pursues studies in Public Relations at New Bulgarian University. Her ambition to carve a significant niche in this industry, foster personal growth, and orchestrate impactful events fuels her dedication. Each day, she strives to absorb new knowledge and actively engages in diverse projects.