Health PR is a company that provides its expertise and professional resources to companies that are leaders in innovation to save lives and preserve quality of patients’ lives.

Health PR builds relationships with partners, institutions, stakeholders, and media based on trust and dialogue.

Health PR is guided by public interest and partners’ strategies while fully respecting the regulatory framework, rules and code of ethics in the industry.



Health PR – professional resources and strategic communications in the health sector

Professional Resources

Health PR has a specific expertise that makes us a valuable partner in the healthcare sector to effectively manage the resources and competencies of the organizations we work with. We are a sustainable and reliable source of skills and experience that industry stakeholders can trust.

Strategic Communications

Health PR offers marketing and communication strategies for industry, medical institutions, scientific and professional companies in the sector, state institutions, professional organizations, associations, and the full spectrum of integrated communications.

Ad hoc Consulting

Health PR combines flexibility and competence that enable us to offer our partners quality ad hoc solutions for unforeseen and crisis situations. Contact us and together we will create an effective and sustainable solution for you and the public.