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About Us

Health PR principles

  • Health PR is guided by public interest and partners’ strategies while fully respecting the regulatory framework, rules and code of ethics in the industry.
  • The basic principle of Health PR is to provide quality and effective solutions, strategies and tactical plans to meet the goals of our clients to achieve sustainable relationships with all stakeholders in the healthcare sector.
  • Health PR is a reliable partner of healthcare providers to effectively present innovative activities, good practices and in communicating solutions to public issues related to the protection of human health and quality of life.
  • Health PR builds relationships with partners, institutions, stakeholders, and media based on trust and dialogue.
  • Health PR is not politically biased and is guided solely by its desire to actively contribute to building better healthcare in Bulgaria.
  • Health PR provides its expertise in communication management, effective dialogue with the public, and delivering usable results to meet the goals of its partners aligned with the public interest and the regulatory framework.
  • Health PR is a company that defends the belief that common efforts to raise awareness and unimpeded access to therapy build a more successful and healthier world for the generations after us.
  • Health PR is a company that provides its expertise and professional resources to companies that are leaders in innovation to save lives and preserve the quality of patients’ lives.