These aren’t the typical slides you’d see at Endpoints — no molecules, clinical programs, or p-values. Instead, we’ll talk digital and internet trends, factors that elite global brands — regardless of industry — must first measure and understand before deploying products into the world. That’s a concept that most of our Big Pharma audience is in tune with. Digital awareness is key to success in the discovery, development, and marketing of new biopharmaceuticals, and most of the majors now have a chief digital officer: Novartis, Sanofi, and Pfizer, just to name a few.

Yet when it comes to internet trends and analytics, there’s too much firehose and not enough signal. And if your day job is something a bit more biopharma, like molecules and p-values, staying abreast of the most accurate numbers on internet trends is a tall task indeed.

Fortunately we have Mary Meeker. And she’s going after the big questions, beginning her deck with this bit of context: “At 3.8B, the number of Internet users comprises more than half the world’s population.”

Meeker is a Silicon Valley legend who has been producing this report every year since 2000, and it’s become required reading with influentials in the tech and media biz. You can read much more about her and the history of the report at TechCrunch. A Kleiner Perkins veteran, Meeker split with the firm last September to start Bond Capital.

Her deck is laid out in 11 parts, with #10 focusing on consumer healthcare and #11 on China, which Meeker credits to Hillhouse Capital. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because they are the powerhouse Chinese VC firm behind some of the buzziest names in biotech. You can’t understand scale without placing China’s internet users into the picture. This section paints the kind of portrait that you’ll just have to see for yourself.

At 333-pages, we can’t possibly run them all. But I’ve highlighted some of the most important ones. And you can download the entire presentation here via Meeker’s firm Bond Capital.

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